Online Teaching

(was never this easy!)

A state of the art platform suited to the needs of
teachers and educational institutes everywhere


Live Lectures

Teachers and instructors can plan and carry out their lectures like they would in class and broadcast them live.

Handouts & Readings

Any handouts or reading material required for the classes can be shared with students and downloaded for offline study.

Coursework Management

Teachers can plan courses and give assignments they would in class. They can also set lecture times and maintain a schedule.

Student Management

Teachers can take roll call and interact with students the same way they would in a regular class to keep students attentive.

Interactive Teaching Tools

To keep student engaged.

The biggest gap in online teaching is maintaining the student’s attention because in online classroom environments it is easy to get distracted. Fortunately for you, this platform strives to make that task easier. With a glitch-free program and easy to use and engaging tools we allow teachers to interact with students as they would in class. This ensures better lecture retention and clarity for students and a more satisfactory teaching experience for the instructor.

Optimized for Efficient Teaching

With a user friendly Interface

Teachers and students who are new to distance education tend to find it quite overwhelming. Also, the level of command different teachers have over technology also varies. This is the gap our platform seeks to fill. We want everyone to perform to their maximum potential and not get held back by technicalities. Our development and support teams ensure that the experience is convenient enough that even first timers can not only get used to it but flourish.

Fully Equipped Classroom

To Make Learning Fun!

It is important to not let get things get too monotonous in class otherwise students lose interest. Especially when classes are taking place from behind screens, this can be a problem. In class most of the fun comes from interaction between teachers and students. By allowing easy conversation, glitch-free live calls and note sharing to take place, we offer a classroom experience that is in line with the traditional class atmosphere.

An Online Teaching Platform

Intimate Groups

Rs. 20,000per month

  • upto 150 Users
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Upper tier

Rs. 80,000per month

  • upto 750 Users
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Top tier

Rs. 100,000per month

  • upto 1000 Users
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* We have also cheaper packages for individuals only, which start from PKR 499/- p.m.

All Packages Include:

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Live Lectures
  • Technical Support
  • File Sharing
  • Plugins
  • Interactive Tools
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Regular Updates
  • Regular Updates
  • File Download for Offline Learning
  • Customized Experience
  • Class Management Tools